About YLB

What’s the story?

It all started when I moved to Bordeaux for a while. I attended a live show from a local band in a pub and I instantly felt the need and desire to share with others the feeling of discovering a promising band and wanting to promote it in any possible way. Coming back home to Athens, I attended lots of concerts and I started putting my thoughts and feelings into words. From that point on, I worked as a production assistant at Plisskën festival where I realised how passionate I was for live music. Shortly after that I immersed myself into lots of reading (books, magazines, articles) and somehow I ended up writing a 60page dissertation on the history of one of the most important social and cultural phenomena of the 20th century; that of rock n’ roll music.

My love for rock music brought me to Manchester where I had the chance to volunteer in a very promising music festival: Indie Week. The whole experience gave me the motivation I needed to continue writing about music and supporting local bands in an effort to promote them. That chance led to a work opportunity with Dusty Pop Entertainment, an independent promotion company in Manchester, one of the greatest music cities in the world where we promote shows with local bands.

I really believe that rock n’ roll is not dead as many tend to say.  Good music still exists and needs to be heard.

Welcome to .yourlocalband. !






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