Witch Fever sold-out show at YES, Manchester

I was relieved to finally attend a gig of a band that isn’t playing indie pop music. Don’t mind me, I do like indie music but I definitely prefer punk and grunge over it.

I arrived a bit later at the venue so I didn’t have the chance to see the opening act Bleach Body, a Manchester-based noisy trio from Greece, England and Poland, but I’ve heard that they played really well. The moment I entered the basement at YES the band Feral Family got on stage and played their loud tunes that are followed by fast-paced drums and distorted guitars. Their sound is experimental as they blend in different elements of rock such as punk, alternative and grunge. The singer seemed to have an aggressive expression on his face which was totally aligned with the band’s music and style.

Everyone was enjoying the night waiting impatiently for Witch Fever‘s sold out show when the band got on stage and Amy, the lead singer started singing. Her voice is soulful, loaded with energy and anger, really powerful either when screaming or reaching higher notes. She owns the stage and the crowd from the very first minute.

Everyone in the room is now impulsively letting loose all their feelings and join the band in punk mayhem when suddenly Amy grabs her microphone and gets off the stage heading to the bar where she climbs up and is now “messing” with the crowd. We are all staring at her with amazement while she is singing from up there looking effortlessly cool. Witch Fever’s sound is absolutely electrifying with those aggressive drums, heavy basslines and doomy guitar riffs.

It is at the very end of the night that you can tell if it was a good gig or not. When Witch Fever ended their set the crowd was left asking for more shouting “one more song” and then quickly rushed over to the merch table forming a small line to buy their singles, psyched up from what they have just experienced.

They played all of their songs such as Toothless, Daddy Pt.2 and the crowd was singing along the lyrics leaving the band surprised and content.

When you see them performing on stage they are professionals, they are very expressive, they bring out exactly what they are thinking or feeling which is something to be admired as it is purely authentic.

The truth is that Manchester has more of an Indie scene but there are lots of interesting punk, grunge and metal bands that need to be heard as well and Witch Fever is definitely a very promising one.


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Photos by Debbie Ellis: A supreme shot