Bang Bang Romeo // Grafton Ash // Future Fires, Birmingham 22.2.19

That night turned out to be one that I didn’t expect. At least that’s how it felt for me. After being stuck in traffic for 2 and a half hours on my way to Birmingham, I was looking forward to some good music that would lighten my mood. Hands down, that was exactly what I got and I haven’t had that feeling for so long.

The first band on stage exceeded my expectations. Future Fires is a very promising 4-piece band from Birmingham that seems to be influenced by great bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood. They are a band whose songs stick relentlessly in your head like an earworm. One that you can’t and don’t want to get rid of.

Not to mention their great energy on stage, their simple yet vibrant style, and their good communication with the crowd which is vital in every gig. Definitely, a band that could easily fill up an arena and go down well with the audience playing their rock ‘n’ roll tunes.

There was something distinctive about the next band that caught my attention. They have supported great artists such as The Feeling, The Fratellis and James Blunt, but a band’s true bet is whether it will manage to play well in a small venue with fewer people and make a remarkable performance – one to be remembered by. Although I’ve never seen them live before at a bigger show, I am sure that’s what happened with electro pop-folk band Grafton Ash that night.

I know it’s hot in here but is there anybody who fancy’s a dance?!” said one of the band members, and people followed his lead. It’s always nice to see that bands have actual interaction with the crowd and Grafton Ash seem to understand that well. In their last song, the lead singer (who is also the drummer!) got off the stage along with one of the guitarists and played an acoustic song, after asking from the crowd to form a circle. You see, playing big venues is cool, but playing smaller ones and creating that kind of intimacy where both the artist and audience are truly having a good time, well that’s even cooler.

We were all there, impatiently waiting for the headliner’s performance, when Anastasia from Bang Bang Romeo grabbed the microphone and magic happened. I am not exaggerating, just expressing what I genuinely saw and felt that night. I could write lots of lines about how professional the band were or how great their music is, but I’ll skip that part and get to the point.

Bang Bang Romeo owned the stage and the audience from the very first second they started playing. Anastasia’s powerful, feminine voice is one that you don’t come across very often. She sings with such passion, which is great because it is lacking nowadays. Their appearance was intense, one that appeals to your senses and leaves you begging for more, like how the crowd were that night. Most people were capturing everything on their phones in an effort to keep a bit of that magic with them so that they could relive the experience after the end of the gig.


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Future Fires & Bang bang Romeo: Paul Moreau aka Better Polo

Grafton Ash: Stephen Copper

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